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¡Hola, Fashion Feed of SL! Greetings from Spain and thanx Carissa for inviting me!

My name is Rack Brautigan and I own a little store named Imagen. I sell skins, shapes, poses, some clothes, and soon hair and jewelry.

This blog is written mainly in spanish but I'll try to post my announcements and news in my poor english (thanx babelfish too, hehe).

So, it's teaser time! I want to show you some pics of what I'm doing right now. Coming soon at Imagen:

A gothic skin tone and dark make ups for my female skins.

lilith teaser

lilith teaser 2

Taken at Silent and my photosphere. Skin and corset by me (not for sale yet), hair by Kin, tattoos by Etchd, lingerie by LoveLace, skirt by Last Call (from Arachne outfit), Gloves by PixelDolls (from Eris outfit) and belt by [OMFG].

Skins for men.


Forget the seams (it's not finished yet) and the girlish poses and look at those abs!


The hair is for girls too, a freebie from Mod's Hair Paris but I think it looks good on my male avie. And by good I mean "hunk from the cover of a romance novel". ^_^


Last but not least, a reminder. My Valentine's Day freebies are avalaible until thursday at midnigth (GTM+1), so pick them while you can at my store.

Valentine freebies

Skins for men and women and a gorgeous red gown for just one linden each!

valentine gown

That's all and sorry for the long post. See you at Imagen!

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Seeandwrite dijo...

Hola.. encontré tu blog y como hay pocos por aqui en español, pos lo agrego al mío... espero pasar por aqui más a menudo, un saludo!